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The Stehekin Valley is the gateway to the North Cascades National Park and offers world-class scenery, hiking, horseback riding, river rafting, biking, kayaking, and boating. Hikingtrough the mountains to this remote hamlet is like stepping back in time. Accessible only by a boat or multi day hike trough the mountains this is an unforgettable experience.

The six-day program begins with a two-day hike, followed by a day of mountain biking and exploration of the valley.

After day of kayaking trips on the lake the group moves on by Lady of the Lake boat service along picturesque Lake Chelan and on to Leavenworthfor a day of rock climbing in Icicle Valley.

GENERAL ITINERARY: June 17 2016 - June 22 2016(same dates in 2017)

Price: $745

Stehekin Kids Camp


Day 1 Depart Seattle to the trailhead at Rainy Pass in North Cascades and hike Bridge Creek trail to campground (10 miles, 4-6hrs) Very good downhill trail!

Day 2 After breakfast group will do a short trip on Walker Trail to view immense NE face of Mt Goode (9,206ft) We will then return to our camp for lunch, pack up and continue down the valley to our camp near High Bridge. (4- 5hrs)

Day 3 In the early hours of the day, the group will catch National Park Shuttle Bus to Stehekin where we will switch to mountain bikes for a day. The rest of the day will be spent exploring the valley on bikes; visit bakery, organic garden, Rainbow Falls, and old Stehekin School.

Day 4 Our adventure will continue with kayaking trip along the coast of the lake and surrounding wetlands. While paddling to Indian Pictographs on the other side of Lake Chelan, we will encounter bold eagles and occasional black bear hunting along the shore.

Day 5 After spending four days in the wilderness, we’ll board Lady of the Lake ferry and steam 2 and ½ hours to Fields Point Landing where we’ll transfer to a van and continue to Leavenworth and our campground in Icicle Valley. After we set up camp, we’ll talk extensively about next day’s rock climbing course and safety. In the evening we’ll drive to Leavenworth for burgers at Gustav’s-the best burgers in the world!

Day 6 As to avoid afternoon heat, the group will start rock-climbing portion as soon as we’re done with breakfast. Today, we will learn how to set up anchors, friction climb, crack climb and rappel.

Rock Climbing in Stehekin

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