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Comprehensive Mountaineering Course

Mt Blanc Climbing Bosson Ridge

This five-day mountaineering course is designed to better prepare and educate climbers that are planning to join one of our more challenging trips like Mt Elbrus, Aconcagua, Lobuche Peak or private peak climbs we only offer to our past clients.

After completion of this trip, you will develop skills for venturing into the winter backcountry on your own, or be already prepared to join Crew Treks trips. This course is an intensive five day immersion in surviving, traveling and playing hard in one of the most beautiful mountains of the country-The Cascades

The course will take place in Eastern Washington’s Cascade Range

Leader: Marek Wencel

Price: $1050

Date: Apr 01 2018 - Apr 06 2018

Winter mountaineering training will cover the basics of:

Prerequisites: No previous climbing experience required, but some previous experience in hiking and backpacking is strongly recommended. Previous Snowshoeing experience is not necessary. Please be as fit as you can be, you will be expected to carry 50lbs backpack 


Day 1-Apr 01 2018 Arrival in Seattle and transfer to the hotel
In the evening, we will do gear check and prepare for early morning departure.
(If you have gear to be rented from REI, we will do ONE afternoon trip to do so)

Day 2-Apr 02 2018 Very early departure to the mountains and 3hr drive to the trailhead. Snowshoe to camp and establish base camp, we will then go over rope handling, ice axe techniques, snow anchors, cramponing and rope handling.

Day 3-Apr 03 2018 Climb Eightmile Mountain
Along the way, we will learn about snow assessment and potential for avalanches, practice travel on steep snow and how to move in rope team. The rest of the day will be spend cooking and melting snow (all members will be involved)

Day 4-Apr 04 2018 Climb Mt Cashmere

With alpine start, we will climb trough the notch and on into the valley below Mt Cashmere's South Face. Along the way, we will learn about snow anchors, self aresting and basics of crevasse rescue. Back at the camp, we will go over fundamentals of nutrition, hydration and prevention of hypothermia and frostbites.

Say 5-Apr 05 2018 Early in the morning, we will fold our camp and move the group to below the remote North West Face of Mt Colchuck. If snow conditions and team strenght permit, we will establish camp high on the ridge to be within striking range of Colchuck summit.

Day 6-Apr 06 2018 Climb Colchuck Peak                                                                                                
Again, with alpine start, we will make short climb but steep climb up to the summit. Today, climbers will learn about fixed lines-how to set them up and how to safely move up and down the mountain on them.

Day 7-Apr 07 2018 Pack the camp and snowshoe back to trail head and celebrate in Leavenworth at Gustav's!

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Crew Treks strongly recommends that you enroll with Global Rescue prior to embarking on this trip. Please click on the link below for details and quotes.
The prices are reasonable and the signup process is simple.
We strongly encourage everyone to purchase travel insurance, which covers trip cancellation, interruption, delay, baggage loss or delay, medical expenses, etc.
Travel insurance offers the best possible protection if you have a sudden, unexpected illness or injury prior to or when traveling.
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Items with * can be rented at REI in Seattle or from Crew Treks

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